Choosing JEFFCO Development to build a customized office space helps businesses run better.


Instead of companies forcing their employees into an office space that doesn’t fully fit their needs, JEFFCO Development offers a custom commercial design solution that reflects the image a business needs to project. This is more than just “office space” we’re talking about; it’s a statement to the public that says a company can be taken seriously.

We searched for several years for our Dream House and one thing we saw frequently during the search was where builders would cut corners or take shortcuts– but this was not the case when we walked into the JEFFCO home that we purchased, which had a level of both functionality and elegance that was clearly a cut above all the rest.

We can only describe JEFFCO’s quality and service as Award Winning. In fact, the year JEFFCO finished our house, it won one of Maryland’s highest Custom Built Home Awards. Over the years, Jeff has always been there anytime we wanted to make any modification. Even today, our home stands out in the Potomac community.

We have hired JEFFCO for several home renovations within the last three years. Our most recent commission was for a large scale basement renovation. There was a myriad of decisions to be made along with numerous project objectives. The degree of communication and hands-on expertise between JEFFCO’s project manager’s and their clients is superior. No job is considered complete without living up to JEFFCO’s own high standards and their clients thorough satisfaction. JEFFCO’s customer service doesn’t truly end at the conclusion of their projects. They become like a family periodically checking in with their clients. They stand behind all their work (their subcontractors and vendors) and support with any future needs. We will definitely be hiring them for other forthcoming improvements and recommending them to others is easy.